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Guys, we need you !
l’Industrie du Silence give benefit for humanitarian, with being part again with this compilation for Helping refugees.
all benifits are used for helping refugees (buy and distributing food, clothes, games for children, help…)
artists in action /AIA/ presents on this one are / Crystal Distortion, RadioBomb, Asphalt Pirats, Ixindamix, Signal electric .. and may, many more … 71 tracks for fews europeans dollars. Mastered by Jano Isotope

you can buy this album HERE


This humanitarian association has been born out of a desire to help others. We have all been deeply moved by the plight of the millions of refugees and migrants arriving from parts of Africa and the Middle East and war torn Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. We recognise that there is only one race We have taken it upon ourselves to raise awareness ,practical and financial donations !

6 janvier 2017 Non classé

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