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ORION e.p.

Orion e.p. is Music for your Brain !

My new e.p. out today, I mean in few minutes now. it out exclusively on BeatPort and available now at HERE

« Fermez le Yeux (vox mix) » is cosmic mind fulness track, without beat, I mean use with your own.
« Le Voyage de Cassini » talks about the Cassini’s trip, the story of this ridiculous and wonderfull piece of technologic equipment, programmed by nirds posse. like a piece of it jouney through the galaxy.
I recorded this track thursday september 14th 2017, few hours before Cassini suicide over Saturn stratosphere.
« Gravitational Support » is a piece of Techno, recording during a special night with Diamonds from Lucy.
« Andromède » (Original mix) is just about thinking that in a galaxy far, far away some people are thinking that they are not alone in the universe.
« Andromède » (Orbital mix) at a time, I listened the original track, and I just want to get more with less, I wanted to minimise it for maximise it. Remove Superfluity from the basic core !

all of it is Orion e.p.

Special Thanks to « Music From Exo-Planet » Records and Mik-Isif, for his request to produce this record, which is a pure Techno record

all of this noises are produced with Eowave, Pittsburg, Make Noise, Xaoc, Mutable instruments modules, minibrute, Volva Keys, bigsky Reverb, Dp4 fx, Simpler and Operator software synth, powered by Abelton Live.

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le Sabbat

« le Sabbat » is out (already) and exclusively on Beatport, on DARKWARRIOR Records with 2 others tracks as « Basedow », « Roadrunner » and « le Sabbat »,
buy it HERE

LE SABBAT is about a night on a bare mountain for a fullmoon, the wind is from the north but alcohol was strong and the allucinogenics mushrooms were freshs and fats. Eyes are so bigs and blacks, the bodies are now sweets and wets to dance close to fire, the sabbath has begun…
BASEDOW, the title of this track could be have « tension » as name, but something happens to me (from two years now), something that stop me to sleep during 6 months, it changing me deeply, it name is basedow. it « fixed » now, until next time ….
ROADRUNNER in fact, when i did this track, I wanted to finish my day (it was a studio day, and i already finished one), it was late and i was very tired, and I just wanted to stop but … music is like that sometime, you want to stop the music but the music doesn’t want to. I set up the loop and cannot stop like that, only one thing had to be real: the devellopement of this 4bars loop… and all of this is like a running time when the finish line is a long way from you, but it is your target and you can’t live anymore if you do not make it.
I use for those tracks: Arturia minibrute, Korg volcakeys and volcabass, Ensoniq DP4, Jomox resonator, Strymon bigsky, Ableton push.
all the best

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Fenek Black Edition #02

new issue, but this time on Vinyl ! this is Fenek Black Edition #02
I’m very happy to be a part of Fenek Black Edition records, this is a 150 copies limited vinyl with beautifull hand made silk-screen printing sleeve (white/brown – white/black – black/brown), with super cutting with Simon at the Exchange – London.

Thanks you menotte for trusting me and producing me on this super production’s vinyl.

vinyl is availlable HERE

have an ear :

Angoisse was produced in 2014, it’s talk about the anguishes’s we all know, which taking us without permission and without reason. they are results of our doubts and scares.

le Mécanisme (Warehouse mix) was produced in 2015, it’s about the machinery which made us dance all over nights.

Personnal J, is a remix of a track that all knows, respect for this support material.

all the best

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Artists in Action

Guys, we need you !
l’Industrie du Silence give benefit for humanitarian, with being part again with this compilation for Helping refugees.
all benifits are used for helping refugees (buy and distributing food, clothes, games for children, help…)
artists in action /AIA/ presents on this one are / Crystal Distortion, RadioBomb, Asphalt Pirats, Ixindamix, Signal electric .. and may, many more … 71 tracks for fews europeans dollars. Mastered by Jano Isotope

you can buy this album HERE


This humanitarian association has been born out of a desire to help others. We have all been deeply moved by the plight of the millions of refugees and migrants arriving from parts of Africa and the Middle East and war torn Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. We recognise that there is only one race We have taken it upon ourselves to raise awareness ,practical and financial donations !

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Diary of a Sith Lord e.p.

Out Now on BandCamp /

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Diary of a Sith Lord

Matt Fraktal is back! with a new e.p.
this year matt was back with a track on the Italian label : Mechanical Brain Record out’s last september.
now it’s a complete new e.p. which will be out very soon: wednesday 14th of december …
Stay Tuned !

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Irish Summertime out now on Beatport

I’m Happy to announce that « l’Industrie du Silence » was selected to be on the digital release « Irish Summertime » on Recoil records, 3phazegenerator’s Label.
with Diarmaid O Meara and Millhouuse ‘s collab, U-Rek, D.A.V.E. the Drummer and 3PhazeGenerator’s collab.
this records is available exclusively Here

« Another varied yet cutting edge release from the Recoil crew.
Introducing a new collab between Diarmaid O Meara and Millhouuse: Punching kicks with stripped back glitchy appegiation.
French producer L’Industrie du Silence brings his unique sound.
Meanwhile D.A.V.E. The Drummer and 3Phazegenerator continue to roll with the raw analogue darkness and soaring frequencies of ‘Phaze Seven’.
U-Rek carrys on pushing through with ‘Convicted’: Driven, acidic and no compromise! »

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the smell of this plant travel me far, far away from the urban grey … some other plants have this power, you will know which one soon.
all the best

granular synthesis, Volca Keys, T-Resonator, DSD-3, Push ..

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