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My name is Matthieu (…), I’m influenced and carried away by techno and electronic music since 1992.
After years to work on the idea of catharsis via the sound’s emotion. It was the Hardcore epoch for the techno people to wave up House culture.
I ran Fraktal Records and Fraktion Recordings and recently Minicrunch Records.
Life is not static and I realized the vastness world possible between the beats, as the deepest potential state of the white board on the white wall.
Starting new state of listening, and having a way back in modern music roots I returned to basics.
Work to isolating emotions to clearing importants ones, intensifying the « hanging-on »  in the spotlight.
I looking for simpler and fundamental aesthetics between framework grains and profound clockworks minerals.
Sharing emotions under comfortables grooves as a unlimited stream of life, on the multi-poles magnetic wide terrace as the mother earth with all it’s contrasts.
I don’t want to be classified in a box, in a style particularly, I mean that I basically love Techno and House music,
and that is the point, in my man’s evolution, as 40 years old father in a 24h day life runner,
I still enjoying this state of mind and I still need to find time to develop this for express myself
This website is an excuse to diffuse sounds, images and ideas, as a machines complexes,
a silent-noise industry to escape rough reality.

All the best

Matthieu (…)


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Fun in Studio – 4/4Breack

4/4 Breack – Fun in Studio

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Transhumance Podcast #7 – Matthieu (…)

podcast recorded last week for the organisation from Brussel: transhumance aka Trahace  enjoy !

thanks for the invitation.

you can follow their infos via /


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Here it is ! The second Website for « l’Industrie du Silence ».. forthcoming soon ..

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