ORION e.p.

ORION e.p.

Orion e.p. is Music for your Brain !

My new e.p. out today, I mean in few minutes now. it out exclusively on BeatPort and available now at HERE

« Fermez le Yeux (vox mix) » is cosmic mind fulness track, without beat, I mean use with your own.
« Le Voyage de Cassini » talks about the Cassini’s trip, the story of this ridiculous and wonderfull piece of technologic equipment, programmed by nirds posse. like a piece of it jouney through the galaxy.
I recorded this track thursday september 14th 2017, few hours before Cassini suicide over Saturn stratosphere.
« Gravitational Support » is a piece of Techno, recording during a special night with Diamonds from Lucy.
« Andromède » (Original mix) is just about thinking that in a galaxy far, far away some people are thinking that they are not alone in the universe.
« Andromède » (Orbital mix) at a time, I listened the original track, and I just want to get more with less, I wanted to minimise it for maximise it. Remove Superfluity from the basic core !

all of it is Orion e.p.

Special Thanks to « Music From Exo-Planet » Records and Mik-Isif, for his request to produce this record, which is a pure Techno record

all of this noises are produced with Eowave, Pittsburg, Make Noise, Xaoc, Mutable instruments modules, minibrute, Volva Keys, bigsky Reverb, Dp4 fx, Simpler and Operator software synth, powered by Abelton Live.

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