Decadance B – Tac to Tac – MiniCrunch #2

Decadance B – Tac to Tac – MiniCrunch #2

Label: MiniCrunch

Release date: 2008

Catalog number: 2

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For Those About to Toc
Decadance B

Decadance B – Tac to Tac – MNCRH#2

Decadance B, Tac to Tac, Recorded at Mutate Studios, Paris, May 2008. Issued on MiniCrunch Records with catalogue number #2.

Picture Side – For Thouse About To Toc, 3’27’, 140Bpm
Sui-Side – Trust to Crust, 4’20’

Music by Decadance B
Produced by l’Industrie du Silence
Designed by Absurd Publishing
Mastering DK Masters

Print on 300 limited Copies of Brown Vinyl 7″

Thanks to Nata, Absurd Publishing, Hervé & Yann at DK Masters, Toolbox Distribution
Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll
Respect to Support Material


ACDC Harcore breakcore remixes… A must have ! The second venue from the MiniCrunch. Another personnal experience….