Ed Cox – Live à la Miroiterie – MiniCrunch #1

Ed Cox – Live à la Miroiterie – MiniCrunch #1

Label: MiniCrunch

Release date: 2008

Catalog number: 1

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Triumph March of Piaf
Ed Cox

EdCox – Live à la Miroiterie – MNCRH#1
Ed Cox, Live à la Miroiterie, Recorded at « la Miroiterie », Squatt Paris, September 16th 2008. Issued on MiniCrunch Records with catalogue number #1.

Picture Side – Triumph March of Piaf
No side – Lonely Clown

Music by Ed Cox
Produced by l’Industrie du Silence
Designed by Absurd Publishing
Mastering DK Masters

Print on 300 limited Copies of Pink Vinyl 7″

Thanks to la Miroiterie, Tomagnetik, VdG mo and Bon Pied Bon Oeil Collective, Loic Roué, Yann(RIP) at DK Master, Absurd Publishing, and Life4land Recordings

Ed Cox Live… The soul of it !! Even if on an Edith Piaf ‘Riddim’… we still wonder if tjis is a Ska-Jungle ? Or a Teknival-Musette ? What name to pu ? Maybe Accordeon Jungle-core… But actueally that’s juste a Live set track, played at the Miroiterie, one of the best squat for alternative music in Paris ever…. (that will close soon, unfortunatly… http://lamiroit.free.fr/index2).