Lochoi – Ear Stinger – MiniCrunch #9

Lochoi – Ear Stinger – MiniCrunch #9

Label: MiniCrunch

Release date: 2010

Catalog number: 9

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Star Stinger

Lo Choi – Ear Stinger – MNCRH#9
Lo Choi, Ear STinger, Recorded at *llnd’s Studio696 in Shanghaï. Issued on MiniCrunch Records with catalogue number #9

Picture Side – Ear 3’30
Sea side – Star Stinger 3’30

Music by *llnd
Produced by l’Industrie du Silence
Designed by Absurd Publishing
Mastering DK Masters

Thanks to Pechou, Sirius, Life, Love, Absurd Publishing
Mastering Hervé at DK Masters

Print on 300 limited Copies of Orange Vinyl 7″

Chineese 135 BPM Techno, spiraling and electro… Superb little bullet. 2 cherry tunes to put on the top of your mixes ! Visual is superb (Absurd Publishings) and the record is full colorOrange. Ltd 300 copies.