le Sabbat

« le Sabbat » is out (already) and exclusively on Beatport, on DARKWARRIOR Records with 2 others tracks as « Basedow », « Roadrunner » and « le Sabbat »,
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LE SABBAT is about a night on a bare mountain for a fullmoon, the wind is from the north but alcohol was strong and the allucinogenics mushrooms were freshs and fats. Eyes are so bigs and blacks, the bodies are now sweets and wets to dance close to fire, the sabbath has begun…
BASEDOW, the title of this track could be have « tension » as name, but something happens to me (from two years now), something that stop me to sleep during 6 months, it changing me deeply, it name is basedow. it « fixed » now, until next time ….
ROADRUNNER in fact, when i did this track, I wanted to finish my day (it was a studio day, and i already finished one), it was late and i was very tired, and I just wanted to stop but … music is like that sometime, you want to stop the music but the music doesn’t want to. I set up the loop and cannot stop like that, only one thing had to be real: the devellopement of this 4bars loop… and all of this is like a running time when the finish line is a long way from you, but it is your target and you can’t live anymore if you do not make it.
I use for those tracks: Arturia minibrute, Korg volcakeys and volcabass, Ensoniq DP4, Jomox resonator, Strymon bigsky, Ableton push.
all the best

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